6 Tips That Will Help You Get A Dream Job

Dream Job

I had a friend in my college. She is now a research scientist in Paris. It has been 2 years since we passed out from college. Most of my friends are just doing jobs, but she is living her dream life with a dream job. Do you know what does it take to get a job of your dreams?

Without going to those “tips”, let me explain how did my friend get a dream job in Paris after passing out from a normal engineering college in India.

We all had to study French as an additional language during 4 years of engineering. We just studied to pass the subject. But she was really eager to learn the language. She learnt the basics of French language and started practicing to speak with the help of YouTube.

She also started applying for different internship positions in France. After many failures, she got an opportunity to work as 6-weeks Intern. After Internship, she remained in touch with the organization and kept preparing for the full-time position. Today she is living her dreams.

So it takes pro-activeness, willingness to explore and accept challenges for getting your dreams.

If you want to get your dream job, first of all you need to understand yourself and explore what do you really want to work for?

Once you are clear about your dream job, find out the required skills and responsibilities and make yourself ready for that.

Success Secrets

Here are some tips that will help you in getting a job of your dreams-

1. Be proactive

Don’t wait for the opportunities to come, keep looking around and explore for hidden opportunities. Just make sure, you look at the things through long-term prospective.

2. Switch jobs

Remaining stagnant will yield nothing. If you are not getting enough opportunities to explore, switch for a better option. Yes, job hopping is one of the surest way to get more opportunities as well as challenges.

3. Use referrals

Use your networking for the referrals. The problem with the current situation is most of the jobs are never published, they can only be grabbed by making the using of referrals.

Interview Tips

4. Ask for more

Never settle down. If you get something you waited eagerly, look for more! If you are being given some task, try to add more values to it.

5. Remain open

You should not only expect good things. Good and bad are both parts of the life. So you should be ready to face both the sides of the coin.

6. Remember any progress is a good progress.

It is not necessary that only if work in Google that will only be helpful. Aiming at highest goal is great, but you must not let other opportunities pass away.

I hope this post helps you in getting a job of your dreams.

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