How To Answer The Job Interview Question ‘Sell Me This Pen’

sell me this pen

If you are going to appear for any sales, marketing and related positions, this question ‘Sell me this pen’ is certainly asked by the interviewers.

The question was famously asked by the stockbroker Jordan Belfort to his colleague in the movie, Wolf of the Wall Street.

This question is considered tricky, but you must certainly know how to answer this question.

Show your sales style

The interviewers ask this question to understand your sales style and approach. You should never directly talk about the pen’s properties.

A good salesman never sells the product based on his views, rather he understands the buyers’ needs and then makes a pitch.

Ask questions

You should ask many questions to understand- what their needs are, do they use pens, what kind of pens do they use?

You can say this to the interviewer- “I would like to understand your needs first. What are you currently using to write with? What type of thing do you normally write?”

After asking questions, you can sell the pen not as your product, but as a solution to the buyer’s problems.

What if he doesn’t use a pen?

In such cases, you should not waste time selling hard to someone who has no use. Rather you can take his help to find out other potential customers.

You can say “Oh, sounds like you are not in the market for the pen, I am selling for. Is there someone else in your company who might need one?”

Interview Tips

Make the pitch

Once you understand the needs of the next person, you can highlight some feature of the pen you are selling and associate it with their need.

If they use pen to sign legal documents, you can highlight how your pen’s strong blue ink can help them distinguish the original document from its copy.

You can also tell them something emotional about the product like how a handwritten card made your day on your mother’s birthday.

Close the deal

Once you are on the same page with the buyer, you should tell them to buy the pen and get back to work and start using the pen.

If the buyer is already using some pen, you can ask them to review your product which has ‘xyz’ extra features from the product, they currently use.

Resume Tips

Use more than one approach

You must try anything new you had wanted. The interviewers are not expecting absolutely correct answer, they are just looking for your appraoch.

One applicant took a cheque out of his pocket, wrote $ 100, but kept the name blank and asked- Would it not be great if you had a pen right now?”

So you should not be afraid to try anything, just make sure you are confident.

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