Here Is The Best Way To Answer- “What Is Your Biggest Weakness?”

what is your biggest weakness?

This is one of the most challenging interview questions to answer. No one likes to answer such questions, but the recruiters ask it more frequently.

So what you can do is to prepare well the answer of this question.

Many people try to show their strengths as a weakness like “I am perfectionist”. Some people also tell general answers like “I am workaholic”.

These answers are simply dumb! Don’t speak them ever!

This questions offers you a great opportunity to make you stand out from others. The recruiters mostly remember unique and honest answers.

The purpose of this question is to check your self-awareness.

Everyone has some genuine weaknesses. The recruiters look for a real and honest weakness to understand your self-awaness.

If you don’t know your weakness, it becomes difficult to grow. However you should not confess a weakness that disqualifies you from further considerations.

It is better to search and answer some skill or experience that you are not so good at.

Make sure you remember some experience from the past that validates what you speak. You should also tell the interviewer how have far you have dealt with this weakness and how can you improve it further.

You can frame your answer accordingly.

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Here is a sample answer-

When I started my college, I was afraid of public speaking. I read somewhere that recording and listening to your voice is helpful.

I started doing that and found that I speak too fast. I worked on it and also improved my pronunciation skills. I also tried to speak occasionally in front of my friends.

Recently I gave a presentation before 300 people. I was less nervous and got good feedback. So I am still working.

I strictly advise you to take help of your friends, parents and teachers to know your weakness and prepare a genuine and honest answer.

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