Here Is How You Can Design Resume From Scratch

resume format

Writing a resume is a tedious process particularly for freshers. You can download sample resume for freshers and edit accordingly. Freshers are often confused about the length, format, content and even fonts of the resume.

First of all freshers should stick to one-page resume. It restricts you from writing things which do not matter.

Next comes format of the resume. The resume should basically contain following sections: Summary, Education, Internship, Projects and Skills.

Writing Achievements, Position of Responsibility and Hobbies is optional.

The contents of the resume is better to read if the points are mentioned in a bulleted list. So avoid writing the contents in paragraph.

Font of a resume also matters. The font of the resume should be easier to read and simple. Don’t choose artistic fonts.

Understand the purpose of resume

A resume is meant to showcase your talking points which are relevant for the specific position. These talking points may be followings:

  • Past experience (internship, academic project, training)
  • Accomplishments (awards, achievements)
  • Skills (programming, languages)
  • Activities (membership of club, hobbies)

The contents of the resume should be customized as per the specific position you are applying for.

Here is how You can design resume from the scratch.

Contact Info and Education

resume heading

Experience- Internships and Projects

resume experience


resume skills

Accomplishments and Activities

resume accomplishments and sctivities

Download sample resume for freshers.

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