Everything You Wanted To Know About The Hiring Process In Elon Musk’s SpaceX


If Elon Musk is next Steve Jobs, SpaceX can be called as next Apple.

SpaceX is a dream destination for many who want to change the world through innovation and disruptions.

Today SpaceX is challenging giants like NASA, Lockheed Martin and Boeing. On February 6, SpaceX launched 230 feet long, 1.5 million Kg weighted Falcon Heavy Rocket which can land back on earth after flying into space.

Here is everything you should know about the hiring process at SpaceX.

1. What they look for?

If you are a graduate from top schools with good GPA, it is great.

But most of the attention goes towards spotting people who have exhibited type A personality traits over the course of their lives.

If you have exceled at some robot-making competitions or you are a car-racing hobbyist or have built some unusual vehicle, you would be welcomed at SpaceX.

Even if you are a coder, you should understand how the things work mechanically.

According to Dolly Singh, who spent 5 years as the head of talent aquisition at SpaceX- they are looking for people who have been building things since childhood.

So the potential candidates should be passionate, team-worker and have real-world experience of building something physical.

2. What are different interview rounds?

The process starts with easy-going chats so that both the parties feel each other out.

Next rounds are filled with the most rigorous interrogations. Coders are asked to solve problems on the spot that would require 500+ lines of code.

If you pass the interview process, you will be asked to write an essay about why you want to work at SpaceX.

If you solve the puzzles, act clever in interviews and write a good essay, you will be offered an opportunity to meet with top executives, most probably Musk himself.

This interview may last from 30-seconds to 15-minutes.

Before interview, the candidates are informed- Elon will keep writing emails and working during the initial part of the interview and will not speak. Don’t panic. This is normal. Eventually he will turn chair to face you. He may not even make an eye contact or fully acknowledge your presence. Don’t panic.

He might ask one question or several questions at once.

Musk will definitely ask question like this- You are standing on the surface of the Earth. You walk 1 mile south, 1 mile west and 1 mile north. Where are you?

Elon does not care if your answer is right or wrong, but he sees how you describe the problem and your approach to solve the problem.

Interview Tips

3. What should you be prepared for?

If you are selected, you will be asked to join at the earliest.

But you should be be ready to face challenges as hard as they get. You should be mentally prepared to handle such situations.

Many hires would quit within the first few months because of 90+ hours work per week.

Others quit because they could not handle just how direct Musk and other executives were during the meetings.

Elon just directs what he want done and does not think if it will hurt your feelings. So people who do not fit in such communication style don’t do well at SpaceX.

Success Secrets

I hope this post gives you an insight of the hiring process at SpaceX.

Who knows you might be the next hire at 1, Rocket Road, Hawthorne in Los Angeles- the 5,50,000 square-foot rectangular Headquarter of SpaceX.

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