Here Is How To Explain The Employment Gap In Your Resume

employment gap

“Why is there a gap in your resume” is one of the most awkward questions asked in the interviews. But you should not get surprised.

Even if you have a gap of 6 months or a year, the recruiters will definitely ask you to explain the gap. So it is better to have an explanation.

Be prepared.

Having no explaination is the worst thing. You must have something to say.

You may have taken off to travel the world, or to care for your sick parents, or to spend some time with family, or you were fired!

Yes, these things happen in the life. There is nothing to apologize for, if you have an employment gap in the resume.

Remain positive.

Spending time with family is a great thing in today’s fast-paced life. Taking a break to care for your sick parents is the real act of humanity and kindness.

Travelling is a great hobby. It gives you an opportunity to explore the people, the places and the things. It promotes us to respect the differences and diversity.

You may have taken off to take some class or learn a new skill to keep yourself updated and competitive in your professional life.

So there is nothing wrong in having gaps. This is all part of the life.

Be honest.

You should never lie about the gaps by changing the dates of your previous employment or writing fake things in the resume.

Because these are the things that can be verified and will ultimately back-fire on you.

Be confident.

You should be confident while explaining the gaps. You can tell the recruiters what you learn from the time you went through.

And that you are now ready to resume your career.

Resume Tips

Be concise.

If you were fired or had a gap due to some medical reasons, just be concise in answering. The recruiters are not interested in listening to your personal problems.

Explain more only if they ask for.

Don’t criticize.

Even if you left the job or were fired because your previous boss was terrible, you should not take risks by criticizing or blaming anyone.

Rather you should focus on things that make you a great candidate.

The gaps may be extremely beneficial if you have used it for learning a skill or getting some certification or doing some volunteer work or meeting with different people from diverse backgrounds.

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