What About Your Resume, If Elon Musk’s Resume Can Fit In 1 Page?

1 page resume

Recruiters take about 20 seconds to take a glance on a resume.

Do you want that 20 seconds to be divided in 3 pages or do you want it focused on the most relevant things mentioned in 1 page?

The longer your resume, the less likely a recruiter is to see the parts you want them to see.

Short and concise content means that the employers are most likely the parts that you most care about.

Resume is your ad.

Think your resume as an advertisement and the recruiters as your customer. A resume doesn’t need to be comprehensive.

It should contain what is relevant for the buyers.

You can use a summary statement. It makes easy for the recruiters to know your skills as well as objective.

If you have a long work history, focus on the most recent accomplishments and the skills that are repeated in multiple jobs.

Stick hard to one-page resume if…

If you have only a few years of experience, you should stick to one page. Otherwise you will be considered a little self-important.

If the text on the second page is a few lines, you may think to re-formatting and sticking to one page rule.

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There are also exceptions.

Yes, 1 page resume are better, but not at the cost of quality and presentation.

If you have enough experience, certifications and credentials related to a position, which need more than 1 page of your resume, you can go for it.

A one-page resume that is congested with information is less-desirable than a well-organized two-page resume that is easy to read.

Elon musk resume

Elon Musk’s one-page resume, Courtesy- novoresume.com

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Final words on resume length

Accept it, reading a resume is a boring and tedious thing for the recruiters.

Instead of mentioning every entry-level job, internships and training, you should think about the most compelling things you want to share with your audience.

One-page resume of Elon Musk compels us to re-think about the resume length. For most of us, 1 page length works best.

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