Top 5 Common Misconceptions About Job Interviews

interview misconceptions

Job interviews are something which decide many things in your life. So you prepare seriously for the interviews and take them as very important events in your life.

But is it same for the interviewers?

There are many things that you think about interviews are simply myths and misconceptions. Knowing these misconceptions will help you perform better in the interviews.

Here are top 5 common misconceptions about interview that you need to know.

1. The Interviewers are always well-prepared.

This is the most common misconceptions about interview that the recruiters are always well-prepared.

Mostly HR persons are extremely busy. They may not have time to go through your resume earlier. They may not be even prepared to ask questions, but they do just as an interaction process.

They are not be the expert of all the subjects that you know. The recruiters just handle the things in the interview on the basis on their experience.

2. Only most qualified candidates are selected.

Many of you would be thinking that only most qualified candidates are selected in an interview. Yes it is true that recruiters look for qualified people, but not the most qualified ones.

Your personality actually speaks much about your friendly and collaborative nature. If you can do the job and have positive attitude, the recuiters will be happily selecting you.

3. Only recruiters can ask questions in the interview.

Another common misconception about interview is that it is a process where you have to answer what the recruiter asks. This is a misconception. Actually the interview is a 2-way interaction process.

Whenever possible, you must ask questions and try to make a healthy conversation and show what you can offer.

4. Your answers should be brief.

Again this advice may be more of a problem than the solution. You should try to say as much as you can in order to convince the recruiter that you are a great fit.

But make sure you are not just rambling. Whatever you speak must be relevant to the employer and the position.

5. There is only one correct answer.

It is okay to prepare for the interview and to understand what the interviewers expect by asking those common questions.

But speaking the same answer that you learnt from some expert, does not always leave a great impression. Your answer should not sound like a parrot’s.

Accepted answers sound boring and possibly over-prepared. The recruiters remember and appreciate honest answers.

Genuine answers help you stand out from the crowd.

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