HR interview

HR interview may be considered as a combination of traditional and behavioral interviews. Traditional interviews deal with the questions based on interests, strengths and experiences. Behavioral questions are based on past experiences and are used to predict future performance. The answers of these questions should demonstrate the required skills withe your past experiences.

Sample questions

Tell me about yourself.
What are your greatest weaknesses?
Why should I hire you?
Describe the most significant leadership role you’ve held. What was your greatest challenge?
Tell me about a time when you worked under deadline pressure.
Describe a situation when you needed to sacrifice your personal objectives for the team’s benefit.

How to answer?

One way to structure your answer is by using the mnemonic ‘SARA’: Situation, Action, Result, Application.
Situation: The situations you faced.
Action: The action you took.
Result: The result you got.
Application: The lessons you learnt which will help in the position.