Technical interview

For engineering students or those with science & technology background , an entire interview is planned for the evaluation of subject knowledge. The best way to prepare for such interviews is to research what types of question can be expected and to review them before interview. You can take the help of company website, Glassdoor, seniors & faculties.

How to prepare?

1. Research the expected topics for the position and revise from your class notes.
2. The internships you have gone through, go through it from technical perspective.
3. If you have completed projects, review the concepts.
4. The most useful advice is to prepare everything that you have mentioned in the resume from technical view.

Some industry specific questions

1. Marketing
If you were to introduce a new product into market, what are some of the factors you would need to consider?
What are some of the most effective ways social media is currently being used by people in the marketing field?

2. Computer engineering
What are data structures?
What is the difference between recursion and iteration?
3. Financial services
Why sales and trading? Why not banking?
Name 3 stocks you think are undervalued. Why?
Why would two companies want to merge?

4. Startup
If you have 10 crores, where would you invest in startup space?
What is the biggest challenge for a startup?