Online courses


Today it is easier to learn a new skill than ever. Free & paid online courses are available with one click of internet. These courses are making the world a better place. If the courses are delivered well, online education has the capability to provide a better virtual class experience. They help in developing a set of virtual communication skills and utilizes the power of multimedia to help students remember what they learn!

Online courses advantages

1. More freedom: Learn anytime, anywhere. Repeat the same topic as many times as you want.
2. Great discussion: Discussion forums on the online platforms are far effective than classroom discussions.
3. More knowledge: The power of technology and multimedia help you remember the things far longer and make the course more interesting.
4. Better communication skills: Using sophisticated communication tools leads to better skills.
5. A more equal world: In real terms, free education for all is the soul of the online education. Whether you are black or white; introvert or extrovert; rich or middle class, you are free to learn whatever you want!

Top online courses

1. Introduction to Computer Science
2. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel
3. TOEFL® Test Preparation: The Insider’s Guide
4. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python
5. The Science of Everyday Thinking
6. Introduction to Java Programming
7. Introduction to Linux
8. Introduction to Project Management
9. Conversational English Skills
10. The Science of Happiness