Resume writing

A resume is a summary of experience, education and skills. Resumes are used to screen applicants for interviews and determine which candidates have the background that most closely matches with the employer’s requirements.

Where to begin?

Think about your experiences and accomplishments in past as well as present. These may be work experience, internships, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, research work, course projects, and publications. Tailor your resume according to the industry and position.

What to include?

1. Contact information: Name, address, email and mobile number
2. Education: School, degree, passing year & percentage of marks
3. Experience: Paid or unpaid work, internship, volunteer work etc.
4. Skills: Computer skills, language skills, technical skills etc.
5. Activities: Club, community & association
6. Interests

4 best practices

1. Keep it to one page
2. Keep it relevant to the industry and position
3. Save & forward resumes in pdf
4. Keep it clean