VBA Tutorial- From basics to advanced- part 1

Welcome to the tutorial on VBA.

In this tutorial, I have tried to explain VBA right from setting up VBA  to developing advanced tools using VBA. Here I will be focusing on the application of VBA in Microsoft Excel.

The tutorial has been divided into several parts. In part 1, we will learn about applications of VBA, setting up VBA in Excel, variables, data types and operators, control statements, functions and sub-procedures in VBA.

Here are some links of video tutorial-

1.1 What is VBA | Applications of VBA

1.2 Setting up VBA in MS Excel

2.1 Variables, data types and operators in VBA

2.2 Control statements in VBA

3.1 Functions in VBA

3.2 Sub Procedures in VBA

In next part, we will explore about events, objects, modules, macros and commenting in VBA.

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About the author- I am Pankaj Kumar. I work as a data analyst at EXL. I have worked extensively on VBA right from simple macros to very complex tools.